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Let's Talk Supply Chain is not your average supply chain podcast. We feature not just the top of the industry, but also diverse voices from within the community, new innovations and the disrupters making waves in the industry. Don’t listen to the same ol' same ol', be sparked by new ideas and fresh perspectives only on Let's Talk Supply Chain.
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Dec 28, 2017

Welcome back 2 Babes listeners!

​According to Martin Verwijmeren, CEO and Brian Hodgson, EVP of Mp Objects we are in the age of the customer and the perfect order is definitely a goal every company can achieve! How is your supply chain visibility? Do you know how to select the right partner and control tower for your business?

In this episode, Martin and Brian takes us through the impact of a perfect order and how important visibility is in making that happen. In this age of the customer, the customer expects a lot from service providers as well as the vendors they spend their hard earned money with. The key? Martin and Brian gives us the insight into how visibility and the control tower affect within your supply chain will make a high difference in your business. 

Make sure to download the resource that Martin, Brian and his team have provided us with even more insight and reasons to get this right.

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Dec 21, 2017

Welcome back 2 Babes listeners!

​Is your logistics carbon footprint something you first think about when looking to reduce your bottom line? Well you should!        Have you ever thought about the impacts your products or services are making on the environment? from packaging to transportation, social responsibility is becoming a key ingredient to capturing buyers these days.

In this episode, Stefan Reidy, the founder and CEO of ARVIEM takes us through the impacts of transportation on the environment and HOW IT CAN SAVE YOU MONEY!!! Stefan gives us real life examples of how he and his team have worked with organizations to expand their critical thinking and business decisions to include carbon footprint and the impact it has made to their bottom line.

Make sure to download the resource that Stefan and his team have provided us that is full of stats and figures that will leave you considering carbon footprint in your supply chain conversations.

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Dec 4, 2017

Welcome back 2 Babes listeners!

​Why is now the right time to invest in India? What opportunities are there between India and North America and How can your company benefit? India has seen a huge amount of growth and the trade between the US and India is ever increasing.

In this episode, Sarah speaks to Adrian Mutton, CEO and Founder and Sannam S4 ( about how he is helping American companies get started and take advantage of the opportunities to grow their business in India. Having lived and worked in the country his experiences help Sannam S4 to increasingly help US companies grow in foreign markets. 

This episode is full of insight into the future of trade with India.

Make sure to download the resource that Adrian and his team have provided us that is full of stats and figures that will leave you considering the Indian market as a new international market for your business.

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Nov 27, 2017

Welcome back 2 Babes listeners!

What does the future of International trade mean to you, your role or even your business? What is the new economy and how will technology and those disruptions affect your job or  your bottom line?

In this episode, Sarah speaks to Nicole Verkindt a kick ass women in tech who was named Canada's National Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2017, she owns OMX ( AND Nicole is also an investor and dragon on Top show Next Gen Dragon's Den.

This episode is full of insight into the future of International Trade, The new economy and examples of innovation that WILL disrupt business. 

Make sure to download the resource that Nicole has provided us which was her keynote presentation at FITT - Your Future in International Trade Conference Oct 2017. If you haven't been able to take notes during the episode, the download is highly useful.

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Oct 31, 2017

Welcome back 2 Babes listeners!

"WMS" means warehouse management software or warehouse management system as the two terms are interchangeable, which stands for a bundle of applications or software that a company attaches to their ERP or accounting system that handles all things related to the materials, transactions, bringing goods into a warehouse and putting them away, then getting them picked and packed and shipped out to the customer.

In this episode, our guest Mark Van Leeuwen discusses the key benefits of a WMS to every enterprise, the types of companies that would really benefit from a WMS, and what everyone should know about finding the right WMS system.

This episode is filled with tons of advice and information on WMS systems, and we learn about the importance of bullet proof support as well as what the future holds for PathGuide. Plus, Nick reveals his dream to own a company called 'Drones "R" Us'.

Make sure to download the resource that PathGuide has graciously provided our listeners with. If you haven't been able to take notes during the episode, the download is highly useful.

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Oct 20, 2017

Hey 2 Babe Listeners,

After our short break, we've come back with a very special episode for you guys!

Our guest host for this episode is Agustín Picado, President at UPS Mexico who knows all about shared production and why it's so beneficial. So what is shared production? Augie gave an example during the interview explaining that shared production is "like a school project" and everyone working on that project brings a special skill to the table. You may have someone on your team that's really good at writing, another specializes in analyzing data, and another person is a great presenter. Shared production is made of all of those components and people involved and presented as the "finished product" by the presenter of the group.

Companies focus on what they do best and most efficiently and then they trade for the rest. This means that these companies can reside in different parts of the world but have those special skills needed to put together a great finished product, which a final company assembles. This kind of shared production boosts the economies of the countries the companies involved reside in and it also makes for a higher quality finished product because each company focuses on what they truly do best. 

Ground freight is heavily used between Mexico, USA and Canada. With the recent discussions about putting up a wall along the Mexico/USA border and the upcoming changes to NAFTA, this puts shared production at risk. ​The impending NAFTA changes and the proposed building of the wall are not just physical barriers but barriers that impede the flow of people and goods. Delays begin to stack up and will make the crossing of goods and people less reliable and more costly which will ultimately affect the customer. 

Please download and listen to this episode to find out all about shared production and Augie's insight into the future of moving product across borders not only within North America but around the world as well as the future of UPS Mexico as they continue to adapt to these changes. You can also check out Augie's TED Talk on the current state of Manufacturing jobs here.


The Mexico City earthquake that took place a few weeks ago left a devastating impact on the residents of the city leaving many with little to no resources to help rebuild their homes and lives back to the way they were before. 

Augie set up a relief fund to help his team members who were severely impacted by the earthquake that left them in a very difficult financial situation. If you'd like to donate and help them rebuild their homes, please visit:

Sep 19, 2017

Hey, 2Babe Listeners,

We hope you enjoyed last week's episode where we showcased some of our favourite podcasts to-date. Our team thanks you for the ongoing support and we look forward to bringing you the top leaders within our industry. 

This week we cannot wait to introduce you to a fantastic guest in Captain Andrew Kinsey, a senior marine risk consultant with Allianz, the global insurance provider. 

Andrew brings to the channel and episode his extensive knowledge on what to expect when it comes to ocean freight and explains to us how the insurance provider looks at claims, and how they work to improve the security and safety of the industry and workers as a whole. 

Listeners should look forward to understanding more about the risks/benefits of ocean freight, what to look for when choosing an insurance provider, and most importantly, why businesses should look at ocean freight insurance as an operational tool. 

Feel free to download the free white paper, Andrew has graciously provided us from Allianz, and to check out their website here. 

Check out 2Babe's Website Here for Additional Resources:

Sep 8, 2017

Dear 2 Babe's Listeners!


We have now reached our first milestone!


Babes Talk Supply Chain has now surpassed 50 podcast uploads with more to come in the near future! We could not have done this without you, our loyal supporters and listeners. 


Attached, is our special podcast release of our top hits for you and anyone else new to our channel. - Please feel free to reach out if you would like to be a guest speaker on an upcoming episode. 


Make sure to check out our new podcasts every Friday, and to visit to download additional resources. 




2Babe's Talk Supply Chain Team

Sep 5, 2017

Hello, 2Babe's Listeners!


This week we dive into what is big data, and how that data has been used in the supply chain industry today. 


Joining our 2Babe's hosts, we have a special guest in Vito Cerone, Sr. Director of Sales and Commerical Strategy, teaming up with us to explain how his company is currently implementing data into their ongoing operations and network, and how the industry outlook is looking when referring to the air transportation. 


Within this podcast, Vito also talks to our hosts about his vision for the future of the industry and how he believes that both eCommerce and drones will have an impact on the future of transportation as a whole. 


Feel free to visit Air Canada Cargos website here for more information:


Lastly, do not forget to check out our additional resources on our website: blogs, white papers and videos. 

Stay tuned for next weeks upload! 

Aug 25, 2017

Hello, 2 Babe Listeners!

Today we have two special guests in Stephen Armstrong and Robert Kelle from MAPLE Business Council to talk to us about the current Canadian-U.S. Trade Relationship and how the potential NAFTA changes can make an impact. 

MAPLE Business Council acts as a non-profit organization in Southern California that promotes investment, trade and entrepreneurship between Southern California and Canada. The Council was gathered to be listed as a cross-border business resource to support the numerous opportunities for growth and collaboration between the two countries.  

Both Stephen and Robert bring to our podcast discussion both knowledge on the works that have kept the Canadian-Southern California relationship strong and how it has pushed forward innovations and supported both economies for the better. Our two guest also makes mention as to what we could see as impacts to this relationship if NAFTA sees any changes. 

We know, Episode 52 does have a lot of information to take in, but we have perfectly packed it into this 35 minutes podcast. 

Please feel free to click on the resources below for more information on all things supply chain related. 

Stay tuned for Episode 53.


MAPLE Business Council Website:

2 Babe's Talk Supply Chain Website/Resources:

Aug 18, 2017

Today's episode is all about seasonal businesses and eCommerce services. How the top and growing companies need to scale up their current operations for the dreaded seasonal spikes. 

This week, our special guest, Dallas Clarksean, COO at comes from the eCommerce company focused on pure-play Halloween costumes. is the world's largest of its kind, and just as important as its products to their customers, analyzes on a continuous basis their approach to seasonal spikes through what is known as predictive replenishment. 

Throughout episode 51, Dallas takes our hosts through the detailed process on the keys to success for organizations fighting the push from seasonal expectations and how to modify a companies operations to satisfy those needs of their customers. - Dallas also makes notes of how the importance of retention of a workforce in a seasonal industry can help simplify processes and develop flexible departments. 

Make sure to check out their website by visiting here:

Don't forget to visit 2 Babe's Talk Supply Chain to download more content. 

"Remember Everyone, Ship Happens!" 

Aug 11, 2017

Thank you 2Babes Listeners, and Sponsors for all your ongoing support! Episode 50 Has Finally Arrived!!

Episode 50 Has Finally Arrived!!

To properly highlight the arrival of Episode 50 to the podcast, our 2Babes had the opportunity to chat with special guest, Bill DeMartino, General Manager at riskmethods. The company that provides SaaS, cloud-based SC risk management solutions for SMEs and large business that traditionally handle numerous international interactions daily. 

For this episode, Bill takes us through the in's and out's to spot some potentials risks to businesses today. As well as helps us out by listing five SC risk management mistakes that could even cost your company a fortune, and possibly, you, your job. 


Keep Your Business Listed as a "Risk Aware Enterprise."


Make sure to download riskmethods white paper on the same topic.

As well as, check out additional resources off of our website: 



Jul 28, 2017

Hello, 2Babe's Listeners!

It's Epi. 49; back in the studio and interviewing our industry's very best from all across the globe!

This week our 2Babe's,  the lovely, Sarah & Nick host Co-founders Stan Garber & Alex Yakubovich at Scout RFP ( in California.

In this episode, our experts talk about Request for Proposal's (RFP's) and Sourcing Software and how these options are underlooked within most businesses, which have cost organizations both in valued time and money. 

Expect to learn more about the value of sourcing, the main advantages of strategic sourcing, and all the upcoming projects Scout RFP has in store to generate new ways to finalize business projects. 

"Scout RFP is all about building a painless way of dealing with RFP and Sourcing Software and the buying process. Download this episode today as well as, pick up their white paper on High-Performance Sourcing and Procurement from the Harvard Business Review."

2Babes Talk Supply Chain Website:


Jul 21, 2017

"Supply Chain, Logistics, Podcasts, and Heading into the Future!"

Full steam ahead! 

This week we got the opportunity to chat with fellow podcaster, Tim Dooner, the host and founder of the industry channel, The Shipping Pod in the studio. 

For the Shipping Pod, Tim focuses on the topics of "How Things Work" within the industry, and aims to inform his listeners on in and outs on why things work, and what we can do to improve for the future. 

Tim brings to our podcast some of his recent topics he has found interesting within the supply chain industry, as well as, how he believes podcasting will alway have a place in the heart of strategic operations. 

By blitzing through the emergence of supply chain podcasts, Tim also lets us know what changes he expects to see from a research point-of-view and what is next for his channel and future topics. 

Download this episode today, and make sure to check out The Shipping Pod, for when our 2Babes make a guest appearance on what it takes to be within the industry today from where it was before, until now.



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Jul 14, 2017

Hey 2Babes Listeners, 

This week's podcast is all about "How to Start Planning for 2025, Today". 

Joining our host's Nick and Sarah, we have a guest speaker in Steven Hainey, Director of Supply Chain - Applied Materials with Newell Brands. Steven takes us through the process of integrated business planning for business' today, and how they make actions towards building and anticipating for the future. 

Our discussion also touches on the issues of predictive planning with larger companies and how internal/external factors may have a role.

Make sure to download this podcast today, to learn how you can move your business forward, navigate strategic financial information, and execute that perfect supply-chain balance with integrated business planning.  


Check us out again next week for our upcoming podcast on more Supply Chain topics!

Check out Steven's posts on LinkedIn:


Newell Brands is an American worldwide marketer of consumer and commercial products, with brands like Rubbermaid, Bubba, Coleman, Sunbeam, FirstAlert, and numerous others.


Jul 7, 2017

The future of warehousing starts now!

This week our 2Babes are joined by CEO of SecureSkids, John Joe, weeks before the launch date of his new company. 

John talks to us about the current state of warehousing meeting the needs of the customers and how SecureSkids plans to open the door for continued advancements into the area. - Right now, SecureSkids looks to operate as the go-to business for short term skid solutions. With simple processing, and by allowing the customer the options to choose from the best locations that suit their warehousing needs, no matter how big or small the order.

By bringing mass storage into the digital age, John expects the future or warehousing to be endless with chances to get things done faster and simpler. 

Check out their website at




Jun 30, 2017

Hello, 2Babe Listeners! 

It's that time of the year where we reflect on the amounts of paperwork we have already done and look towards capping off the year full steam ahead. 

Do you think you have it in you?

This week we got the opportunity to talk to a successful Canadian business owner in Dr. Callum Cowan M.D., owner at PHENOM HPM in Burlington Ontario. A high-performance medicine clinic which focuses' on research-backed solutions to improve individuals health and have them working a full strength all the time for their careers. 

Throughout this podcast Dr. Cowan explains the need for working professionals to keep track of their health, and what areas people with high stress should look into to reduce burnouts. Through the use of a phenom-styled method (also can be called the Phenom Method) Dr. Cowan's goal is to have his clients optimizing all that their body can do, in a fun and healthy way. - All backed by medical results unique to the individual.

To learn more, download our free podcast and share with your co-workers. 


Fell free to check out his website here:

"Dr. Cowan and his team service individuals and corporations which include NHL Players, MMA Fighters, Boxers, Business Executives, World Champions, and anyone in need to improve production level." 

Jun 23, 2017

Hello, 2Babe's Talk Supply Chain Listeners!

This week we had the chance to look at supply chain on the packaging solutions side. How finding the right packaging has impacted businesses and their future supply chain decisions.


Our guest this week is Matt White, International Account Executive from Managed Packaging, a division of BillerudKorsnäs, a global paper manufacturer headquartered in Sweden. A company with the focus on offering sustainable materials and new solutions that increase profitability while at the same time reducing their overall environmental impact.

Matt takes us through the topics on how choosing the right packaging can save a business millions. How can strategic packaging reduce carbon footprint? As well as, how decision makers in the supply chain industry should view the importance of packaging to their end-to-end goals.

​For all the fanatics out there, we will also touch upon AI (artificial intelligence) and DRONES! 

Guest Website:


Jun 16, 2017

This week our 2Babes had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Karl B. Manrodt from Georgia College on the recent trends and issues related to both the logistics and transportation industry. 

Dr. Manrodt takes us through the past and recent strategies he has seen over the years and how companies and organizations have been trying to create savings in the transportation industry. Attempts he has witnessed, to create savings in an industry that has constantly changed with the use of technology and other innovations. In addition, a focus on companies with an interest centered around answering creative customer demands. 

Make sure to download our latest episode to learn why transportation has hit another crossroad? Why we need to react to the reduction of transportation firm life cycles, and lastly, have transportation become more of a commodity to business owners instead of a strategic partnership?

Feel free to visit our website to download further content on this podcast, as well as, check out our other content. 

2Babes Website:

Guest Website:


Jun 9, 2017

Ever ask the question, how do I create the choices my customer are interested in? 


How do I give them the power to choose?


Those are some of the questions that businesses today are considering when thinking about the end consumer and how their supply chain will match those expectations. 


ThIs week we had the opportunity to speak with someone who has made answering their questions his career and looks forward to anticipating where the next topic direction will go.  - Introducing, Alex Rhodeen!


Alex Rhodeen, Director of Disruptive Solutions at GEODIS enters the booth this week to speak with our 2 Babe's to talk about different ways businesses can try to satisfy the end user, and how they can successfully integrate them into all their supply chain strategies. 


Don't worry!


We cover, free delivery, the personal meaning of innovation, heavier importance on the "last mile", and how the supply chain can become more personal. 


Feel free to check out GEODIS:  website:


Check out our website:


Jun 2, 2017

Hello Listeners! 

Just another sunny day here in Toronto, Canada at the studio where our two babes get to talk to top industry leaders focusing on all things supply chain management.

This week, Guy Courtin, Vice President Industry & Solution Strategy, Retail, and Fashion at GT NEXUS, an affiliate of Infor Retail took our 2 Babes through the in's and out's of end-to-end visibility, thought leadership, the digital disruption for retail supply chain management, and how customers choose & think.

Download Episode 41 to learn more about why winning in retail has become so difficult, and how technology within supply chain has "actually" allowed companies to compete with each other more.

Don't forget to visit our website and check out our previous podcasts. 


Remember, #shiphappens



May 26, 2017

Back in the studio to cap of this fantastic month, our hosts we able to talk with Scott Byrnes of TransVoyant about the transformational value in IOT and predictive analytics, and how business should implement big data. 

TransVoyant is a software company that tackles big-data and puts it in a format businesses can use today, and at real time. Channeling both live and predictive insights. 

Scott expresses the need for predictive analytics to businesses and showcases the impact it has had on supply chain management, and where the industry in moving further towards when it comes to big data, and customer demands.

Download our episode below to learn how to incorporate big data into your supply chain. 

May 19, 2017

Interested in learning more about Demand Driven Supply-Chain Management? How about gaining visibility? 

Do you know how to find the relevant range?

This week our host's got together with Carol Ptak, Partner at the Demand Driven Institute to talk more about the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model.

Throughout this episode, Carol and are host's discuss the in's and out's of the model and how it has made an affect the way many companies think today, and how they can adapt to what is expected of them.  




May 12, 2017

This week we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Chris Caplice from MITx Micromasters in Supply Chain Management.   

Chris talks to our hosts about the barriers some people have had with online education, and how MITx Micromasters has developed its curriculum to tailor everyone from anywhere across the globe. 

With the focus on Supply Chain Management, Chris further explains how SCM through online learning has changed the way both companies and individual students tackle complex topics. 

- Introducing the next phase of online education for the supply chain industry.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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May 5, 2017

This week we had the pleasure of having Barry McGeough back in with us from PVH Innovation Next - PVH Corp. to let us know what he has been up to and what exciting advancements have been made throughout the industry. 

Expect to be wowed by exciting new technology, easier ways to shop/ship transport, as well as the even crazier projects now formulating throughout the globe from top businesses. 


We hope you enjoy this episode!

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